Reencounter in Malaysia

Story Line

After a tragic accident in Australia, Tom starts working as a dive instructor in Malaysia. He gets hired at Peter Gruber’s Hotel. This is where Tom Sarifah meets a dedicated (Sea) Turtle Protector whom he falls in love with.
But then his past suddenly catches up with him: Of all people, his brother Kai, whom he hasn’t seen in 18 years, is on vacation with his family in Gruber’s Hotel.


Melodrama, Germany
Length: 90 min.
Director: Helmut Metzger
Screenplay: Silke Morgenroth,  Martin Wilke
DP: Helge Peyker
Music: Richard Blackford


Tom – Stephan Luca
Sarifah – Raven Hanson
Anne – Katja Studt
Kai – Max Urlacher
Johan – Lawrence Wong
Gruber – Robert Giggenbach u.a.