Like Fire and Water

Story Line

Young New York journalist Lucy Westfield gets assigned to interview retired Fire Fighter and 9/11 Hero Andrew Taylor on the occasion of being awarded the prestigious “Silver Star” Medal. Andrew, however, is planning on rejecting the award without an explanation. When Andrew’s family also insists that she leave him alone, Lucy is about to give up. But then she uncovers the real reason for Andrew’s silence and starts searching for the truth…


Melodrama, Germany
Length: 90 min.
Director: Helmut Metzger
Sreenplay: Katja Töner, Neithardt Riedel, Jörg Tensing
DP: Meinolf Schmitz
Music: Robert Schulte Hemming, Jens Langbein


Lucy Westfield – Oona Devi Liebich
Nicholas Taylor – Golo Euler
Andrew Taylor – Peter Sattmann
Linda Westfield – Irene Kugler
Melvin O‘Hara – Helmut Zierl
Rebecca Mayne – Brigitte Zeh